Creative solutions, client-first support.

We take a common sense, practical approach to tackling complex issues which enables us to meet the changing needs of investment professionals and clients globally.

Financial services with you in mind.

Long-standing relationships with the world’s largest asset-management firms and portfolio managers give us a unique perspective and positions us to serve you. Our platform enables clients to seamlessly access global equities, fixed income, and money market instruments.

Along the way, our experts actively maximize your financial position by providing financial market research, reporting your investment performance, and liaising on your behalf with global banks, custodial institutions, and financial technology firms.

The most complete – and straightforward – range of solutions to simplify your financial life, ensure your best financial position and bring you peace of mind.

Investment Advisory

Our advisors will take the time to review and understand your financial situation and recommend a plan or a solution tailored to achieve your specific goals.

Wealth Planning & Insurance

Our professionals help you choose the appropriate structures for investing and managing your investments by creating customized strategies that help you preserve, enjoy and transfer your wealth.

Cash Management

Put your excess liquidity to work for you. Get competitive rates in money market instruments, including FDIC-insured money market products and other short-term investments.


Interested in buying stocks, bonds, or funds? We have you covered with access to global markets, trading relationships with numerous counterparties, and a highly capable multi-lingual product and trading team

Market Research

Stay at the leading edge of the latest news and developments in financial global markets. Receive our expert insights and thought leadership into products and trends.

Investment Management

We help manage your money based on your objectives and unique requirements including your risk tolerance, cash flow needs, and tax situation.


As a high-net-worth individual, you need trusted help in the process of acquiring funds, making purchases, or investing.

Lending Services

Determine and plan the best way to acquire products without disrupting your long-term financial strategy.

A platform for continuous
growth and innovation.

Investment services provided by friendly, knowledgeable investment experts using the best technologies available. Interact with us in your language and on your terms for a truly personalized experience

Connect securely and on-demand with your investment professional.

Get the industry’s most user-friendly, simplest report with consolidated assets.

Retrieve the paperwork out of the way with digital signatures.

Keeping you securely connected, from any device, anywhere you are in the world.

Multi-family options for unparalleled client service

In today’s fast-paced environment with ever-changing opportunities and threats, Insigneo collaborates closely with our partners to provide you with the most personalized and simplified experience based on values and smart controls.

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